Brands Need Soul.

By generating meaningful engagement we can better the chances that sustainable and regenerative endeavours are understood and adopted. And if we can more effectively capture value in a sustainable venture we increase the likelihood that such activities will be repeated, expanded, and mimicked. Successful sustainability equals more successful sustainability.



Call it what you will. Where the human environment and the natural one interface must be harmonious. To ensure it is truly harmonious means that it is rooted in persistent effort and backed by science.


Whether in more direct ways (ex. farming), or in-direct ways (ex. cultural), the effort is to improve how we deal with environmental issues. Battling the fatigue we often feel by continuously improving on an optimistic, inclusive, and expert vetted method of communication is what we’re focused on.


The folks working on the ground need our help. The ones making real change through business or initiatives need to create understanding in order for their ideas to take root; in our society and our communities. We’re here to facilitate this exchange.


i. Research & Discovery

The experience that has led to where each project is today is something we hold critical to every project because it often embodies the deepest amount of soul and authenticity.

ii. Ideation & Experimentation

Before we come up with solutions or answers to the problems you face, a lot of concepts must be created and tested. Does it appeal to human emotion and intelligence?

iii. Clarify & Vet

With a few ideas that we feel good about in hand we clarify the message and then we validate it. By running it past the experts, scientists, stakeholders, and more, we can ensure we’re on the right track.

iv. Calibrate & Build

Bringing ideas to life can be a sensitive process and careful attention to detail is required to do effectively emphasize authenticity and purpose.

Innovative brands use Hank White Co to design communications around sustainable initiatives.

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